Our Policies
If you need help

Ask for Angela

We support the ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme and our staff are fully trained in the action required if anyone uses the discreet codeword due to feeling unsafe or threatened.

Qualified First Aiders

First Aiders are available on every session we open. Ranging from qualified paramedics in our larger venues to first aiders in all venues. Managers and security hold valid first aid certificates.

Medical Room

Whenever possible first aid will be administered in the equipped medical room under coverage of the CCTV system. We will provide a same gender chaperone if a same gender first aider is not available.

We can call the emergency services if we need to.

Welfare Area

If a guest isn’t feeling well or just needs a breather then we have welfare areas available. These are manned by Guest Care Ambassadors/Welfare Officers and supported by security and the medic.

Anyone who is deemed too intoxicated is bought here to be assessed. No one leaves the welfare area unless we know how they are getting home.